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Mastering the Melody: Harnessing the Power of Voice Techniques in Performance with Wakio Mzenge

"Mastering the Melody: Harnessing the Power of Voice Techniques in Performance with Wakio Mzenge" is an immersive masterclass led by award-winning voice-over, screen, and stage actor Wakio Mzenge. Gain invaluable insights and practical tools as you explore vocal techniques, character development, and emotional expression. Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned performer, this transformative experience will empower you to captivate audiences, deliver compelling performances, and unlock the full potential of your voice. Elevate your craft and leave a lasting impact with Wakio Mzenge's guidance in this exceptional masterclass.

The Art of Film Makeup – Learn film makeup artistry with Suki

The course "Glam It Up: Mastering Film Makeup Techniques with Suki's Masterclass" is designed to teach the fundamental techniques of makeup artistry for film. The course is taught by Suki, a professional makeup artist with years of experience in the film industry.

Audition Preparation Made Easy: Melissa Kiplagat’s Techniques

In this masterclass, acting coach Melissa Kiplagat shares her techniques for successful auditions. From selecting audition materials to building confidence, Melissa provides insider tips for standing out from the competition. She also covers the technicalities of self-tape auditions, giving actors the tools they need to create standout self-tape submissions. Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned pro, "Audition Prep Made Easy" is a valuable resource for improving your audition skills and increasing your chances of booking the role.

SanaaTalks Season One

A TV talk show that engages professionals in the creative sector by shaping conversations on performing arts

So…you want to be an Actor

Why do you want to be an actor? What kind of actor do you want to be?
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